Diversification or Dispersion?

Last update: 30.09.2019


Diversification is a strategy to try minimizing risk, in financial world, investors disperse their investments in various asset classes, countries, currencies, through several financial instruments and with different investment strategies to offset risk and pontencialize returns. But sometimes, their investments aren’t so diversified, and they suffer from overexposure or correlation between assets.

If investors invest through multiple intermediaries and/or have dozens or hundreds of portfolio assets, it becomes complicated scrutinizing and managing so that there are no excessive weights or repetitions of investments or unwanted correlations.
For Crowdlending investors, diversifying within each platform and investing in multiple platforms is common practice, but to what extent are they really diversifying?

Loan originators are present on the lending marketplaces to sell part of their loan portfolios in order to have liquidity to grant more loans. But in recent months, there has been a phenomenon of the appearance of loan originators in multiple platforms, in order to obtain more liquidity, or better conditions with the platforms (less fees for example), or to lower the interest rates offered to investors, or to stand out in the loan offer on other platforms, or simply to diversify their sources of financing. Or maybe all the reasons mentioned.

So far we can find in the existing platforms, the following loan originators in common:


Czech Republic




  • GetBucksMintos, Viventor (Kenya)




  • Ibancar ⇒ Viventor, Grupeer, iuvo

With this information one can avoid repeating the same loan originator in the various platforms where it is invested.


If you like to invest, just follow the links to the platforms. Some platforms offer sign-up bonuses through referral links.

* See how to get the bonus in the post “P2P Lending & Real Estate Crowdfunding: Promo codes“.